Wednesday, July 6

Some weird crazy stuff going on with a scam that I can only describe as infectious

So recently, there's been a guy on my realm spamming trade chat, claiming to be selling 13/13M with loot and mount on behalf of a top guild on our realm. Every guild he impersonates is a guild with an l somewhere in the name, and he actually makes a guild with a captial I instead of a lower case l, which in game, both show up the same.

He tries to get you to run do a /run command, one I won't type out here, with the claim that it's so the raid frames don't get messed up on the custom UI that the raiders use. Knowing better, I of course didn't run the script - but if you do, from what I can tell, it allows the scammer to execute scripts via whisper, that forces you trade away your gold when he trades you. I'm unsure if this requires an addon to work, as when I told him I'd run the script, he told me to try again, but disable all addons first.

Anyway, I reported him, and he's been showing up differing toons throughout the week, impersonating a different guild each time. Someone posted a topic on the forums about it here: - and it turns out this scammer is trying this on multiple realms.

Fast forward a week or so. I logged onto my main, and my GM whispered me, "Can you please type '/run blahblahblah', it's to test a guild addon." Obviously the blahblahblah was the script. The very same script this scammer tries to use.

It turns out my GM was being hacked. By the same person? Can't really know. But it gets a little more interesting. One of the people in the guild did as the hacker asked, and is now whispering other people scripts that he can't even see, the same script the scammer and hacker is using, and also a few others.

No idea what's going on. For lack of a better word, it's like...the script infects the users who run it, forcing them to become part of it.

Does anybody know anything about this? I've googled the /run command in question, and saw a reddit post about this, but nothing about this....whatever is happening in my guild right now.

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