Monday, August 15

4 Gilnean Raven per hour...= profit

I'm using a known exploration / exploit ( escape from Gilneas ) to further exploit our limited access to the Gilnean Raven.
  1. Make a Worgen 
  2. Escape from starting area 
  3. Log out @ Goldshire inn 
  4. Send 5 silver to Worgen 
  5. Log in to Worgen, get mail & learn Gilnean Raven form pet trainer in Goldshire, log out 
  6. Log in to alt & cage Gilnean Raven, place in guild, personal bank or AH, log out 
  7. Delete Worgen 
  8. Repeat 
  9. Profit 

 My realms AH is very busy ( Area 52 ) current price for new raven is 3,400 gold & can go as high as 5k or more depending on the ravens' quality & lvl

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