Monday, August 15

Legion is Just Around the Corner!

WOW's Legion experience is about to begin. While the actual launch of the expansion is still some three weeks away, it will be preceded by what's already hailed as the biggest world event the game has ever seen, by none other than WOW Game Designer Jeremy Feasel.

Indeed, such world events were hugely popular back in 2006 and 2008 when the Scourge invaded. The spectacularly-set up event unleashed chaos, mayhem and of course tons upon tons of fun. All that will apparently be made to look like small potatoes now by the pre-Legion preparations. Besides hyping up the event, Feasel offered some valuable details regarding the upcoming mayhem unleashed upon the game world by the Burning Legion.

First of all, he confirmed that the demon invasion would indeed be rolled out over three weeks, before the launch of the Legion expansion. Anyone above lvl 10 can join the fray and the events are about much more than just fragging demons left and right. There are all sorts of weapons, outfits and cosmetic items to be had and one can even become a demon to take on other players and to teach them not to mess with the Burning Legion.

The first week of the pre-expansion event will be about tagging along with Sylvanas and Varian, continuing down the story-line path established by the opening cinematic of the expansion. Through about a dozen quests, players arrive to the beginning of the invasion and the stage where the new demon-hunter class comes into the picture.

The invasion will unfold gradually: first, 6 different areas of Azeroth will be under attack, but the infestation will spread, eventually encompassing every area of the game world.

The second week marks the appearance of Dalaran, the floating city, which eventually moves over to the top of Karazhan. During this stage, players will be doing quests linked to the discovery of Titan secrets needed to beat back the invasion.

The third week will see the Legion assault Dalaran, culminating in a 24-hour attack on the final day of the event.

The event is scaled to player level, so everyone will be able to contribute.

Philip Thalberg works for the esports event coverage section of the world's top competitive gaming portal.
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