Tuesday, August 9

A Nod to Destiny Slipped into Latest WOW Patch

WOW's Legion expansion is fast approaching: set to be rolled out at the end of the month, Legion is preceded by a patch which essentially sets the stage for the sweeping changes that it will usher in. This patch brought many tweaks, and apparently, among these tweaks, the developers found it worth their while to slip in a little bit of a nod to Destiny, in the shape of what some would call an Easter Egg. The said Easter Egg is a newly introduced vendor by the name of Xur'los. That name by itself should be a clue to those in the know, but the items the said vendor is selling are clean giveaways: We have Gjallar's Horn, Krota's Shield and Ingram's puzzle, not to mention the Mote of Light. Most of these items can be bought for 50 Curious Coins, with some exceptions.

Now, players who know Destiny, understand all the references that the above weapons/items entail. Gjallar's Horn for instance is a reference to the Gjallarhorn weapon from Destiny. WOW's version of the weapon only works outside, on the  Broken Isles and it cannot target players. It does however unleash a rocket, dealing fire damage. It features a cool-down of one hour, so one shouldn't really be looking to fire hails of such rockets with it.

These items require players to be at least level 110 though. Xur'los is located in Dalaran, between Antonidas Memorial and the Banks of Dalaran.

As said above, Xur'los only accepts Curious Coins as payment. These coins are dropped randomly, and so far, players have located five sources for it. Working up 150 of these coins for a unique mount can indeed be quite a task, but for those doing it, it will probably be well worth it.

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