Wednesday, August 10

Keep Dark Whispers debuff forever + easy stack to Dreadlord

Okay guys, so when you are infected with Frail Mind (the dark whispers event) you can turn other people and infect them with the debuff too. Do this 9 times, and you can turn into a Dreadlord and go kill all the players and NPC's in your city. Normally, you have to wait around for a Doomsayer to infect you or have someone else do it to you, but I've found a way you can keep it.

So first off you have to get the debuff normally. This can either be given to you by a player, or by randomly getting it while sitting in Org/SW. When you have the debuff, use a second account and give the debuff to that account. Now, on your other account, simply right click the debuff off (should be called Dark Whispers I believe, it has a 30 minute duration). Now, on your main account, you can infect your alternate account again. Keep doing this (infect alt account, click debuff off on alt account, and repeat) and you can safely farm yourself up to a Dreadlord in a matter of minutes. AFTER YOU ARE READY TO TURN INTO A DREADLORD, DO NOT CLICK OFF THE DEBUFF ON YOUR ALT ACCOUNT! After you turn into a Dreadlord you die after one minute, so go have some fun and kill some people! Then, simply use your alt account to infect your main account, and repeat the process.

Now, this gets really interesting when you look at the possibilities. If you are debuffed with the dark whispers, you can log out and not only do you keep the debuff, but the duration on it does not go down. This means once you infect your alternate account you can infect a character on your main account and keep the debuff permanently. I have no idea if we will keep the debuff after the invasions are over, but it's worth a shot! So infect a level 1 alt on your account and you will have the debuff until Blizzard manually removes it!

Use main account to infect alt account with debuff. Remove debuff on alt account. Rinse and repeat until Dreadlord. Debuff does not expire while logged off, so you can keep it permanently on an alt on your account.

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