Monday, August 1

Darkmoon Rabbit 15+ Pets/Hour

I want to share my Darkmoon Rabbit - Pet farming Method with you 
The trick is to have multiple Accounts on the same Battlenet - JUST 1 PAID ACCOUNT AND 6 STARTER EDITIONS
I have farmed those Rabbits for more then 10 weeks now and it's still working awesome!

  • Step 1. Create 6 more Accounts on your account (7 is cap). You dont need to pay for those because starter editions are working fine.
  • Step 2. Have 1 Paid Account
  • Step 3. Create level ones on the starter editions and run to the Darkmoon Rabbit spot (If you RAF your accounts you are able to summon them).
  • Step 4. Log in with a level 10+ to search for groups in LFG
  • Step 5. Search for Darkmoon Rabbit // Rabbit up // DMR up // or groups like this in your LFG
  • Step 6. When a group pops up you need to be fast! Check the realm of the groupleader, logg out, create a DK and invite all of your chars

Macro for inviting your chars example:
/invite Rabbit-Sylvanas
/invite Rabbits-Sylvanas
/invite Rabbite-Sylvanas
/invite Rabbited-Sylvanas

  • Step 7. You are not able to convert into raid because the levels of your twinks are to low, but attack once or more with your level ones and you are able to leave the group on your DK to spam your other macro to invite your other chars.
  • Step 8. Loot your Rabbits and learn them on your starter accounts. You are now able to recage them on your Main Account 

Tipp: The Addon Premade Group Finder allows you to save keywords and messages you when a group pops up!

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