My housemate somehow bugged weekly seals quest, the way he is able to obtain 1 more seal after few hours.

We have no idea how he did that, I tried to do the same on my toon, but without result.

Every few hours NPC have quest indicator above his head, in dialog window, quest for apexis is greyed out but still possible to claim another seal.

Things he did after weekly reset was:

  1. Buying 1 seal for garrison resources,
  2. Two more seals for Apexis.
  3. Logout.
  4. He logged in later and had quest indicator above NPC again (got 4 more after this so it wasn't becouse he forgot to buy max seals)

Now before obtaining next seal he is doing his standard routine:

  1. Logging in
  2. Picking up shipyard/garrison table missions
  3. Picking up garrison resources from box
  4. Mage teleport to stormshield
  5. Picking one more seal.
  6. Garrison hearthstone, logout
Anyone have idea what could bug that quest?
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