Thursday, September 8

Get heroic dungeon AP reward without killing any bosses

I have no idea if this is reproducible. I don't have enough friends online to test it. I'm just going to explain what happened here and perhaps someone else can try to reproduce it.

  1. Queued for a random heroic dungeon.
  2. Entered a fresh Halls of Valor.
  3. Tank ran way ahead of everyone, while the healer was switching specs or something, pulled the first pack, and died. Me as well as 1-3 other people in the group died as well. We released and ran back to the mobs and finished killing them.
  4. Someone voted to kick someone in the group.
  5. The vote succeeded.
  6. Everyone else remaining in the party got an Adventurer's Resounding Glory / Adventurer's Glory, which is the Artifact Power token you get for completing a random heroic dungeon. This was after killing 0 bosses and one pack of mobs.

I'm not at all suggesting that every step listed here is necessary for reproducing this (if it's even reproducible at all). I'm just listing everything that happened that I can remember because I don't know what's relevant and what isn't.

Would be amazing if this is reproducible. Hopefully someone can figure it out.
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