Tuesday, September 6

The Legion Effect: Concurrent Player Numbers Skyrocket

Legion was always going to be a special expansion, not just one of the rank-and-file WOW expansions that have seen the light of day over the years. Indeed, essentially the 6th iteration and re-molding of the game, Legion carries the sort of expertise and experience that none of the previous expansions could boast. It was also preceded by more hype than any of the previous expansions thanks to the Warcraft movie and to a host of other factors which squarely positioned it as one of the biggest launches of the year in gaming.

Indeed, judging by the initial reaction of players, fans and the media, Legion is a solid expansion and it has indeed been wildly successful in terms of drawing new players as well as getting old players to re-subscribe: player numbers on the WOW servers are currently greater than they have been in years.

During a panel at Pax West in Seattle, Blizzard revealed that they were indeed extremely pleased by the numbers generated by Legion thus far, as well as by the fan reaction which was "phenomenal". The comment sections under various Legion-related articles are indeed rife with positive reactions web-over, and if one considers this type of reaction the most sincere of the community, things are indeed looking good for Legion.

Though the exact subscriber numbers are not known, due to Blizzard's not-so-long-ago adopted policy to keep this information under wraps, it is indeed clear at this point that Legion has managed to accomplish what it was meant to, namely to breathe new life into the increasingly stale franchise.

Another thing that's already certain about Legion is that its launch has far surpassed 2014's Warlords of Draenor and that its reception has been much better as well.

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