Monday, September 5

Legion is Here, but it's Already Made WOW Way Better, Even Before its Launch

World of Warcraft's Legion expansion is the latest in a line of such expansions each and every one of which was a big deal for players. This one is special though...this one seems bigger than all the other ones and it is much more appealing too, for the admittedly uncomfortable reason that it may indeed be the last one. It may be the venerable MMOs last hurray, a sort of get-together that will draw back all the old players and scores of new ones for one last showdown in Azeroth. The very details of the content that's about to be added carry this sort of farewell vibe: the character lineup is like the Azerothian All-Stars, sort of like the credits rolling up at the end of a movie, as everyone is brought out one last time.

The expansion, which has barely launched, has already made the game better and more attractive. For about a month, content was added through various patches, and indeed, long-time WOW addicts who had thought themselves cured, were relapsing by the droves. Scores of players have already returned to action, drawn not only by the new content, but also by the anticipation of Legion.

Legion is about much more than that though. Those returning are finding much more than new content and interesting new locations to explore, not to mention the completely reworked skill trees and abilities - which may prove confusing in the beginning. They are finding old friendships rekindled, and they are meeting people they may not have heard about for years. That's the true power and beauty of a game like World of Warcraft, and that's why Legion is already guaranteed to be its best expansion yet.

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