So, as I sit here getting ready for bed and my eyes feel like they're about to shut on themselves, I wanted to write down my thoughts.

 Blizzard has done an amazing job with this expansion. The zones are amazing, the level scaling is amazing, mob tagging and non mandatory group quests are amazing. World quests are amazing. 
Suramar is amazing and doesn't feel like some forced end level content to do at cap. Dungeons are exciting and fun. 

As someone who doesn't raid hard core, it's exciting to think I can be geared without being hardcore through dungeons, and a little bit of RNG. Story was great....I digress, everything has been great. I've loved it all, I just hope, HOPE. That a year, or two, or however long when the next expansion arrives, I hope to God there is still level scaling, and mob tagging, and things of this nature. 

They have truly IMPROVED the game, please do not step back from that. 

Especially with how all the classes get identity back. I'm not saying we need a garrison every time, but keep the class identity thing going.

Artifacts are awesome, the class campaigns are what we've all always wanted. Profession quests, and how the ranking of recipes and gathering works is actually really fun and makes it feel important. 

Please, please, please, if someone at blizzard ever does read this, please pass on to not go backward, continue forward. 

This is great and I hope this kind of thing stays this way for the whole of Legion. Thanks for reading, and good night!
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