Thursday, October 6

100 to 101 in 15 min

This is a follow up guide to my guide from about 2 weeks ago. I will show you how i do it and how you can to. If you used my last guide, this is exactly the same only i have a new video showing extra items to pick up as well as utilizing the Darkmoon Faire for Darkmoon Top Hat buff bonus of 10% exp.

Requirements: 20 bars of rested state, Most or all of the treasures remaining in Tanaan Jungle, 1 Darkmoon Top Hat & Draenor Pathfinder achievement (flying in Draenor)

  1. Acquire a Darkmoon Top Hat from the Darkmoon Faire for the low, low price of 10 Darkmoon Prize Tickets
  2. Use your garrison hearthstone or if your normal hearth is set for Vol'mar ( as all mine were ) to hearth to Draenor. If you only had a garrison hearth to Draenor you should take your flight path to Vol'mar.
  3. Use your Darkmoon Top Hat & moutn up. Fly around & pick up treasures.

hear is the new video :

In this video i also show the process for lvling from 100 to 101 via Legion content to show how extreme the difference is. Regardless of what people might think or tell you, the average time to lvl from 100 to 101 via Legion content is 90 to 120 min. In this video i go over every aspect of the 100 to 101 process to prove to some & remind others of everything we do & how long it really takes. Enjoy.

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