Friday, October 7

Easy Reputation while Gold Farming

I was farming my daily Everbloom ( gold ) and found this by "mistake" "coincidence"?
and I don't know.. I mean I don't know if this is a exploit or intended.

  1. Go to Everbloom ( WoD dungeon / Gorgrond ) in Heroic
  2. Must Equip tabard from the reputation you want to get
  3. Do the trash farm (the one to farm gold) its all around the entrance (between Tree boss and the ?am? Three bosses?)
  4. Get rep from that and the gold too

I dont know if this is Intended.. but getting tons of rep while making a few K's...

Things to notice (may or may not be related)
  • a) Fly in draenor
  • b) Did all those quest in Gorgrond

Hope it works with you.

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