~20k per hour raw gold farm for multi-boxers with 5 toons

Wanted to share a pretty effective farming spot, that really becomes valuable to the multi-boxers of the world (as long as your toons aren't in the same party). What I like about this spot is you are not dependent on drops for the AH. 50% of the gold comes from raw gold that drops as currency off the mobs, and the rest is simply from vendoring trash items and greens.

  • Location: Azsuna
  • Area: The Ruined Sanctum (map picture)
  • Mobs: Nightborne humanoids (mob picture)
  • Health: ~800k to ~1M
  • Drops: 1.5g to 5g per mob (my average was 2.89g per) + gray vendor trash, greens, cloth and world epics.

I haven't played in a while but the raw gold drop on these mobs seems really high for the health that they have. They are also part of a world quest area so they respawn quite quick. They have relatively low health and can be taken out in a few hits by most classes, and their HP does not scale based on tap. Additionally, the more people in the area killing them, the faster they spawn.

Some total numbers I am seeing with 5 of my characters, not in party (which is important to ensure they all get their own full gold value loot) over a 1 hour period:

  • Raw gold looted: 9,100g
  • Vendor items sold: 9,956g
  • Total in 60 mins with 5 toons: 19,056g

This is very solid raw gold farm spot as a multi-boxer with 5 accounts. You can easily hit 500k a week in raw gold farm doing this 5 hours a day 5 days a week. Obviously you can scale this with more characters as well. If you were to do it solo you'd be looking at only 3-5k per hour depending on RNG.

Hope some of you make use of this, let me know what you think or if you find ways to tweak and improve it.

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