Thursday, November 24

Underlight Angler AP Leveling

[Underlight Angler], the fishing artifact, can be quite annoying to level. I've tried many baits to farm AP with and this gave mixed results. This might be common knowledge for some but it could be a good tip for others.

The fastest way too farm AP is with the use of [Sleeping Murloc]. These Murlocs sell on my server for 1000-2000 gold. I bought 4 of the Auction House which gave me 55 [Seerspine Puffer].

How to use them:
  1. Equip your fishing pole.
  2. Find a secluded place, anywhere in the world, and set the Murloc free. He will run around and drop fish on the ground, simply walk over the fish to grab them. A flat surface makes it easier to spot the fish. Be careful because any player can pick them up.
  3. Toss the fish in some water for that sweet AP.
Don't have the gold to buy them? Invest some points in the [Runescale Koi Angling] trait. You can catch a Murloc from water in Suramar, with an increased chance from Runescale Koi pools. The fish also sell for quite a bit (10-20g on my server)

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