Friday, November 25

Ranged auto-loot

This trick will disable CRZ and enable weird auto-loot. When you kill mob at a zone where you are not supposed to be, you will get the loo automatically in your inventory instantly when target dies. Possibly use for gold farming with raid and AFK mules nearby.
  1. Seek any wild pet and stand near it.
  2. Queue PvP pet battle with 25 25 25 team.
  3. Start battle with the wild pet.
  4. Just wait in the wild pet battle untill PvP queue pops.
  5. When the PvP pet battle queue finally pops push forfeit in the wild pet battle.
  6. Once you have exited the wild pet battle push leave queue FROM PET PANEL, SAME SPOT WHERE YOU JOINED QUEUE.
  7. Do not push decline from the middle screen popup window.
  8. Test that the mode is on by trying to re-queue PvP pet battle. 
Crappy thing is that the mobs has to be near the zone boarder or you can´t see em.

Find a good farm spot and share!

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