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Epic World Quest resetting, unlimited order resources as reward (Flotsam world boss)

Found one more bug, which,in this case, resets epic world boss WQ!

So what I have been doing past couple of days is:
  1. Go to the world boss quest (DANGER: Flotsam) and kill it (completing quest) ;
  2. Queue for LFR, enter it and kill atleast one boss ;
  3. Leave instance and relog ;
  4. Hearthstone to dalaran and enter demon hunter class hall ;
  5. Go back to dalaran, relaunch the game ;
  6. It pops up again.
I didn't get any gear drops. I believe it only has a chance to drop gear the first time you kill him.
However I did the world quest twice a day everyday since wednesday, pretty much stacked with order resources ^^

Forgot to mention that I did not swap servers to find group for Flotsam, just wait for enough people to gather on your realm and then kill it.

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