Going to change it up and BOLDsome common questions surrounding JC, and answer them from my point of view to give you guys an understanding of the nuts and bolts to Jewelcrafting in Legion. You will be able to learn not only how to make gold w/ JC, but understand the underling markets. Lets jump into it!

Do I have to level JC to 800 to make better gold? 100%, cutting Blue +150 Stat gems will yield decent gold,[Masterful Shadowruby Etc..] but the Saber's Eye Market is hot at the moment. [Saber's Eye of Agility etc..] Leveling the last 10-15 levels of JC can be expensive and it usually deters people from hitting 800. With this being said, hitting 800 asap will put you in the driver seat. The cost of mats to make Saber's Eye's are peanuts, having the required skill to finally craft them is the ticket.

Pandemonite and Furystones aren't expensive anymore, why? Again, 90% of jewelcrafters and miners don't understand the materials behind certain items. They mass prospect, understand you can't craft it into a +150 stat gem to sell fast and just throw them up. Who is going to scoop those up? **YOU!** Having the materials to make the Saber's Eye is easy, the fact that you can make them is the cash cow. Why not constantly buy and relist Pandemonite and Furytone if you aren't using it? You can see the crafted Saber's Eye market, while controlling the mats that go into it.

What if I don't have a lot of bloods to craft gems with? 9/10 I am getting my gems cut by other JC's with bloods. In trade chat I am constantly [LF JC PST] because when I snag up cheap uncut gems its easy to tip someone else to cut them. I have 100+ [150 stat] of each gem cut at all times because once the gems are cut, the hard part it over. Players are doing heroics, WQ's and all kinds of things to snag up Bloods so its not uncommon to find people with 300+ bloods!

Are Gems more important or Bloods? In my opinion, Bloods. The 7.1 Blood trader was the best thing to happen to Jewelcrafting. Why? Some/most Jewelcrafters are dumping their mass stocks of bloods into the trader for other materials. If you guys have noticed, there are a lot less gems on the AH now. Less Bloods = Less Gems which is why when you find a JC with a ton of bloods, craft as many as you can! Think of bloods as not something you can mine or simply prospect, but a greater **time spent** item. Listing gems once they are made costs close to nothing, not having gems ready to sell when peak hours hit will drive you crazy! "Well I will just go make some more real quick!" What if you are out of bloods? What if no one in Trade Chat at the moment is a JC? What if you find a JC and he doesn't have the gem cuts or plans?... What if he/she has the plans but THEY are out of bloods. You guys get it.

Are you still Mass Prospecting Felslate and Leystone Ore?
Not at the moment. Felslate and Leystone prices have managed to rise even tho the Blood trader was introduced in 7.1. I am capitalizing on buying **cheap uncut blue gems**, finding JC's with bloods, and stocking up for peak hours. Other players are making gold from mass prospecting and selling the uncut gems outright... We are taking those uncut gems, combining it with a "time spent" item to increase its value entirely. (Side Note - Uncut Gems cost 6+ gold to list, Cut Gems 6+ copper!)

When is it OK to buy out a gem market?? I typically buy out a market when the gems are 1,000 gold+ under what the average price is AND its less than 20 gems. [Example : I log on in the morning to find **12 Quick Dawnlight** from 1,100g each to 1,600g each. I know I've been selling these for 2,500+ each so I buy them up and relist for 2,499. **Again, gems are not that easy to just quickly craft.** You need the gem, the blood, and the heads up to understand the market has went back to 2,500g+

What are you doing with all your green gems? Crafting into 715 Rings and Obliterating. If you want to get super crazy with it you can Obliterate each cut green gem 1 by 1. 1 Green Gem = 1 Obliterum Ash

Once the gems are cut and ready to go, how do you get rid of them?? Undercutting could be the most important aspect in selling your Gems. Having a stock of gems saves you trips back and forth to the mailbox/canceling and relisting. Having your gems consistently cheapest will turn your 50,000g hour into a 300,000g hour. And again, listing cut gems cost copper... copper. Scan, check prices, relist, repeat

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