Tuesday, March 14

Infinite instant respawn Black Dragonscale skinning.

First off you need a hunter most likely in order to do this farm.
You may be able to bring a rogue or mage. (need combat reset. feign death mechanic)

This farm takes place in BWL in the room after the 2nd boss.

Step by step process.

  1. CC one dragonkin from each pack
  2. Pull and kill all other non CC'D dragons
  3. Skin
  4. Feign Death / invis to reset the packs
  5. Rinse and repeat

All the dragons will have respawned instantly.

Atleast ONE mob needs to be kept alive from EACH pack.

Over the course of an hour you can expect to get around the following:
  • Black Dragonscale - 300
  • Rugged Leather - 675
  • Rugged Hide - 36
  • Raw Gold - 60

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