Thursday, March 9

Possible Legendary exploit

Hey lads! So this will only be a theory post, but a possible very good one.

So last week me and the guild have been trying out different ways to reset the legendary drop chance on our characters.

We had 5 people race change. ALL those 5 got a legendary same day or the next. 2 of them race changed back again, and both of them got a legendary the coming day. (One of them now has 10 legendarys, in 1 spec, and the other has 7.)

I know this could be a huge coinsidence but for people with spare gold or cash, I will suggest you try this out, as we have had 100% success rate within 1 day with this.

If anyone tries this out, please post results! This could be huge. Also, try this at own risk. It involves gold / irl cash

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