Wednesday, March 8

Game Breaking Court of Stars Boat Skip Exploit

Friend of mine showed me a neat but very powerful trick to skipping the boat ride completely in Court of Stars. This exploit is useful for Mythic +, especially on high levels, because it saves from 38-45 seconds on the clock. This exploit will take you and another person to the docks at the end of the boat ride.

Step by Step:
1) Run to the crystal thing that you use to summon your boat and click on it.

2) Stay on the "Send a signal to Ly'leth Lunastre page that pops up

3) Countdown with your designated friend and click the signal at the same time.

4) Immediately after the signal is fired challenge your friend to a pet battle and have them neither Accept or Deny, just let it sit.

5) A loading screen should pop up within a second or two and once it loads you are on the other side.

Notes about this exploit.
A) This saves an average of 40 seconds per run. We timed the boat ride to be about 38 seconds BUT realized after multiple tests that it ports you before you would technically be put in the boat if you did it the normal way.

B) You might want to set up the two pairs prior to putting your key in if your doing this with friends for maximum efficiency

C) If you have terrible load times this might not be for you so maybe you should volunteer to be the odd man out and just take the boat ride while the other 4 do it.

D) You cannot challenge somebody before you do the signal. It simply won't let you call the boat as the challenge is up.

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