Monday, March 6

Name Change from/on a Banned Account


Must have 1 unbanned account on a account
  1. Log into account (character selection screen on non-banned account obv)
  2. Bring up the name change selection screen
  3. --2a Select the banned char name -> process a namechange to whatever (just to free up the name)
  4. Now, wait a few minutes then name change the non-banned account

This DOES cost 2 x Name Change, but if you're like me....Character names are really important to defining in game presence.

I just opened a ticket to change banned char name, GM said "nope, can't do it". Then waited a few minutes, tried the above steps out of spite and worked. Logged in, addons are all broken as if I'm on a new char, and guild is like "who dis, new phone"

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