Friday, March 3

Instant Artifact Knowledge 25

So I leveled my Mage to 110 over the last 3 days, and I noticed there was a repeatable quest for the Artifact Knowledge scrolls for 500 resources (Added in 7.1.5).

Didn't know it was there until I leveled an Alt.

So these scrolls are instant repeatable up to level 25 AK scrolls, just like the ones you get from the time-delayed annoying npc. So now I was thinking, since I don't have another 110 to test this, but if it works, that'd be awesome.

If someone could try this out, and let me know if it does work or not:

Step 1) Buy a scroll on your main for 1000 resources and send to your alt.
Step 2) On your alt, Get 2.5k Resources (bloods or just World Quests, should be able to get this in < 20 min on a fresh 110).
Step 3) On your alt, buy 5 of the resource scrolls (500 for 1 scroll up to level 25)

Quest: Knowledge is Power - Quest - World of Warcraft
Item Reward: Artifact Research Notes - Item - World of Warcraft

Step 4) Go to a mailbox, and pick up the level 20 AK scroll you bought on your main, and use it.
Step 5) Use all 5 of the resource scrolls you bought on your alt.

Hopefully, you are AK 25. I used the scrolls, forgetting that the 25 doesn't upgrade in addition to, only up to 20. So I wasted the 3 for testing Now when I go to the same NPC that gave the quest, it is strictly the time delayed turn-in garbage.

On a side-note, if this does work. With whatever AK is going to become available in 7.2, and this still works... you could boost your character insanely high if there is a scroll that lets you go up to 150 or whatever the new cap is. That'd be interesting.

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