Wednesday, March 1

Order hall followers ilvl 900 ( PTR 7.2 )

When 7.2 comes out, all followers can go up to ilvl 900 and another XP lvl. To lvl up your follower you need 200.000xp.

So heres the guide:

I found out that you can farm Grimoire of Knowledge ( Grimoire of Knowledge - Item - World of Warcraft ) , and stack them up and save them for 7.2 and insta lvl your follower, most new missions req ilvl 900 from your follower, and you cant put ilvl in them without lvling them up first.

To do this you need to have:

1 Follower which is not epic lvl ( you wont get the XP missions if your follower is epic, you need to make sure that the follower thats not max lvl is activ )

Win every mission that rewards bonus XP item (180-200% missions i usally won)

Stack up on equipment and relics ( 50 ilvl per follower, and 1 new relic slot when the follower lvls up)


You need around 42+ Grimoire of Knowledge to max out 1 follower, think i get around 2-3 missions a day atm.

Might be to erly to post this but, if you want me to remove it let me know,

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