Tuesday, May 16

Is Blizzard Giving Up on Diablo?

As we mentioned in a previous post, we’re a bit surprised how much support this game is still getting when there is virtually no money left on the table for Blizzard after a player initially purchases the game. Unlike their other smash gaming hits that have micro-transactions (World of Warcraft and Overwatch) or monthly subs in World of Warcraft, the Diablo series doesn’t bring in any profit for Blizz after the initial purchase. Not even gambling is allowed in the game anymore. You can still do that on m88 though, and If you enjoy other types of online sports betting, visit m88 to see some of the best places to find online sports betting. 

That said, there are many fans who would be willing to pay for new features or additions to the game. Real fans want to see the game continue to thrive and they would be more than willing to invest in features that make the game better, and also to help support it so it stays live.

Character skins are always a winning choice, and new modes or new packs are also options. Some have said they would love to see an arena mode added to Diablo. I’m sure the creative team at Blizzard could think of lots of things the players would love that could be added as an xpac, or as micro-transactions. This would give them reason to continue to support the game and would also give the fans something new and exciting to keep them going as well.

So is Blizzard giving up on Diablo? Are they going to let the games die off if they’re not making any new money from it?

They posted that they are ending support for Windows XP and Vista but honestly, that’s not such a big deal. It certainly doesn’t mean they’re giving up on the game. It just means they recognize it’s not worth it to continue to offer support to those outdated systems.

This brings many fans to ask the question: Is Blizzard giving up on Diablo?

Blizzard is well aware of what makes a good, profitable game. They also know that the players are key to that profit. They’re not liking to kill off something that’s popular unless it starts to cost them money, and then, only when it seems like there are no other options. So, I don’t think they’re giving up on it, at least not yet.

Hopefully Blizz will listen and give us all something we can spend our money on. In the meantime, if you like playing games online and want something to spend your money on, you might consider online casino games. Check out live casino Indonesia to see some of the games you can play to pass the time. They have tons of fun games, a sign up welcome bonus and much more. Check it out.

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