• Be 110
  • Be on the Legionfall Champion Quest Line
  • Be on Mardum as part of the quest. (I am on 'Operation: Portals' and 'Scouting Party')

What you'll need:
Some kind of mount you can vendor junk on and repair if you're going to be here a while, or without that you may be able to just enter and exit proving grounds to sell, I haven't tried it but I bet it could work.

What you do:
Rather than turn in the two quests, proceed up the path to the north on the map and you'll find first a small island in the fel lava and then immediately after a portal. You will farm in front of this portal. Map LOC: 72.31, 32.87 

Seemingly randomly either 4 Fury Champions will spawn at a time or a larger group of Felguard Marauders. They spawn almost continuously. 
I suggest being in Havoc spec to keep the DPS higher and using the following talents to get the most out of leech to keep you healed up as sometimes the Felguard Marauders can all time their swipe at the same time and take you to half life pretty quick since you're taking on about 10 at a time.

2k/hr why would I do this?
Okay it's not the most AMAZING farm and it's fairly limited, but the loot table is the same as you'll find on Broken Shore sans Sentinax farming. THAT is what makes it worth posting here.
Here's the drops in just one hour of farming while I watched 4 episodes of the Office (20 minutes each) and tapped two or three buttons whenever the spawn happened, without moving:

  1. 2k in raw vendor gold for vendoring the following three items which drop continually Congealed Felblood, Sticky Volatile Substance and the big-ticket items, Ashen Rings (6 gold a pop! Bling!) in volume. I didn't count how many stacks I got in 2 hours, because I was vendoring along the way, it was often though that I didn't have time to between spawns so at a few points I had 5-6 stacks of 100 but in total they amounted to 1.94k.
  2. Now here's the better part though; the rest of the loot table: Meaning Dauntless tokens, of which I got 6 in an hour (that's a lot, I may have just been lucky there), Netherchunks (100 Nethershards) of which I got 4 (that's 400 nethershards) and 5 Brief History of the Aeons (blue AP drop) as well as 2 Brief History of the Ages (purple AP drop).
  3. On a high-pop PVP server like mine, being able to farm like this is semi-AFK (all I do is as soon as they spawn his Eyebeam and Blade Dance on CD) without being ganked, is pretty good.
In total here's what I got from an hour of farming:
  • 400 Nether Shards
  • 7 Mil AP (I'm at AP Knowledge level 35)
  • 6 Dauntless Tokens for 850 Gear
  • 1.94k raw gp from vendoring (note NO gold drops from any of these guys, all the gp is from vendoring junk)
To complete this guide I suggest the following talent setup with Havoc for optimal leach while farming: 3, 2, 2, 3, 3, 2, 3 it helps to have the talent that reduces the CD of Eyebeam every time you eat a soul fragment so it's always up with every new pull.
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