Wednesday, June 21

Kill Ilgynoth Mythic easy with some hunters

This is for the guilds that are still stuck at Ilgynoth Mythic. As you know Ilgynoth is by far the most difficult boss in Emerald Nightmare since the rest bosses can pretty much be one shotted.

For this to work you need 4-5 Beast Mastery hunters in your raid with these talents:

When you reach Ilgynoth for the FIRST TIME and before starting the fight you can target the heart. You might not see the heart but you can still target it. As soon as the fight starts run UNDER the EYE, as close to the heart as possible, and start dps on the heart. Ignore all the rest since that fight doesnt require a lot of dps. One hunter with decent gear can kill around 10% of Hearts health. With 4-5 hunters Hearts health can reach 50% before the Eye opens and then you can kill it ez mode with bloodlust.

Note: If you wipe you wont be able to target the heart any more

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