Wednesday, June 28

Instanced? Mining. Easier more effective gathering.

I've ran across a way to mine Felslate and Leystone ore.

  1. An under leveled alt. 105 is possible but I've found 106 to be best and a class with self healing. Prot Paladin or Blood DK work best but a DH would fit the bill as well. 
  2. Heirlooms and Artifact Weapon. 
  3. Unlocked flying for Legion... because its just more efficient.

Now just go to the Broken Shore and start gathering. ... Seriously thats it. Why is this an exploit? It uses game mechanics to get around the challenge they are supposed to present. 

Being under 110 there are no World Quests unlocked. Leaving some areas vacant or very depleted of mobs. But the Felslate/Leystone nodes and seams still populate. Mobs in the area are scaled to your iLvL. Which for me was 755 when I checked it at lvl 107. I was easily able to take on these lvl 110s two or three at a time. I've been doing this for a few days now and I'm tempted to turn off exp to keep it going. Included is a pix for proof of what I gathered. This is an hour and half work and i had about 50 Leystone on be before I started.

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