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Making Gold with Pandaria Mats + Little Exploit

The benefit of this guide is that you have the opportunity to farm at your own speed. Even 2 minutes can result in 20k Gold.

A part of this guide will result in 500-1000g per minute depending on server price.

The main goal is farming materials for living steel. You have to create living steel with an transmutation alchemist. You need that. This Character won't farm the materials, but is used to craft them. Living steel is about 2500-3000g depending on server.

You will create living steel. Proccing the Living steel will be really really nice, but not mandatory for making profit. You will also transmute ghostiron bars into trillium bares. You will create living steel with 3 trillium bars + 3 spirits of harmony

The character farming materials should have mining. The only mines you gather will be rich ghost iron ores and trillium+rich trillium ores. This is only a benefit, but not a must. But it's really nice.

What you will do:

- Park your farming character + heartstone in townlong steppes.
- you will farm all the rares spawning there.
- farming means, you will check every spawnpoint, kill the rares, loot.

Here is the map: Rare Elites of Pandaria - 5.0 / 5.1 / 5.2 / 5.4 - Guides - Wowhead

You also want to kill the warbringers ofc: Zandalari Warbringer - NPC - World of Warcraft

Just kill everything that is marked with a star on the minimap.

You will fly to every location. It might be possible, that every mob is up or none. Nevertheless, it takes 2 minutes to check everything and the possible profit is huge. You can do that after logging in and checking your missions.

What you want to loot is:
Small Bag of Goods - Item - World of Warcraft (drops from any rare)

Big Bag of Jewels - Item - World of Warcraft (drops from one specific rare)

Big Bag of Zandalari Supplies - Item - World of Warcraft (contains any loot that can be dropped from a certain rare from that isle)

You basically always want the mining bags. The big and the small ones. The Big bags can contain up to 22 white and 22 black trillium ore, which are 44 ores aka ~4400g.
The smaller ones usually drop ~10 black or white iron ores, aka 1000g.

You will also loot ghost iron ore from time to time which translate into trillium bares later.
A rich ghost iron vein can drop 7 ghost iron ore, which are 3.5 bares, which are 0.35 trilliumbares, aka 140g. So its always nice to get that ore.

Long story short, just farm those rares after you logged in at your time. Repeat every 3-4 hours if you want to. (Respawn per mob is rougly 1hr, you can go hardmode and track all timers ofc). The best time for doing this is at the morning ofc.

You will end up with having many trillium ores, but no spirit of harmony. Now we get to the 1000g per minute exploit: Aka 60.000Gold per hour.

Let's assume you want to farm gold, you killed all rares. You simply fly down to the hearth of fear raid instance. Difficulty does not matter. You go to the first boss and kill all trash mobs. You loot. They will drop ~10 mote of harmorys. you should do that on one plattform because boss will become active and you dont want to pull him.

after you killed the trash you right click your portrait and set raid difficulty to hc or nhc, depending on what you entered. voila, the entire trash will respawn in the boss room. (YOU DONT HAVE TO LEAVE THE RAID FOR THIS, YOU CAN DO THIS RIGHT AFTER KILLING THE TRASH, INSIDE THE BOSS ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

you should pick a class that can leave combat, in case youre pulling the boss. (not needed, but useful if you do a mistake)

You kill the trash again (only the trash in the boss room!) and you set the difficulty back to nhc or hc. trash respawns again. You can do this every minute. WITHOUT LOCKOUT. you will loot on spirit of harmory every time. you can do this for 1 hr and like 5 minutes and go back to kill the rares which are up again.

This is very profitable. This whole farming has a part that is dominated by RNG (rares farming) and is very stressless and a part that isn't dominated by RNG but also very stressfull (farming trashmobs). You can choose your own speed.

Try it out for a week, park your twink in townlongsteps and check the rares from time to time, also try to farm heart of fear for 1-3 hours and check if you like it. hearth of fear method can easily be botted ofc.

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