Tuesday, July 25

Top 10 Ranked Classes For Exploits And Creative Game Mechanics, Best Class Abilities Legion 7.25

This is primarily an introductory guide and update as to what works and what doesn't for each class.

Because it is harder for me to release specific exploits nowadays without them getting fixed I've started smuggling them into more general videos to make it harder for Blizzard to fix stuff.

Some of the new material in this one:

  1. 1:20 Shadow Priest lo-hi switch. Cast SW:P on hi-level target and mind blast/void bolt on lo-level target with psychic link enabled. Wackiness ensues.
  2. 4:53 Death Knight knockback. It is possible standing in exactly the right location to pull a player over a precipe - there's a special trick to it.
  3. 11:10 Monk weapon switch glitch. Increase Touch Of Death damage by temporarily increasing your HP though weapon switching.
  4. 18:58 Affliction Warlock regenerative health. Casting absolute corruption on a target with infinite health (eg sturdy love fool and turnip punch bag) creates very powerful in0-world soul leech shielding and healing.

I haven't gone into great detail on some things deliberately. Some things which appear trivial have gamebreaking applications.

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