Tuesday, July 25

Easy gold with Rogue Quest

This beautiful quest can be used in a much faster way, even though you won't earn as much cash as on the tut mentioned above, it still is nice amount of work with MUCH MUCH smaller amount of work. Lets start:

  • Legion account
  • 12 free character spots (on one realm would be best, but you can put them wherever you want)
  • No other trial characters (there is a limit of 12 trial characters per account, and if I'm not mistaken you can only make 4/hour or 8/week so setting the method from this guide can be done using 2 week lockouts).
  • 1000 start gold on a realm you want to have the characters tu buy quest items. 
  • ServerHop addon

Lets start.
1. Create a rogue character with trial boost to 100 lvl, personaly I prefer Night elf just for the extra Shadowmeld in case I get spotted during pickpocketing.
2. Send 1000 gold from your main character to the boosted character created in step 1.
3. Log onto the character, use draenor hearthstone, fly to the teleport to Ashran in your garrison then teleport to Stormwind / Orgrimmar from there.
4. Go to the NPC that starts new Dalaran quest skipping the beginning Legion scenario. (for alliance he is in the docks, for horde I think he is in front of the gate, not sure though)
5. Once in dalaran finish the quest to receive Dalaran Hearthstone.
6. Walk for some time on the ground so that rogue NPC starting rogue quest chain appears, pick the quest and read the letter provided in the quest. During the time it takes for the scene to play out choose your spec and talents and set up a pickpocketing macro. Personaly I use Bredar's one:
/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Sap
(you need to face the NPC you want to pickpocket for this macro to work)
As for spec and talents, I prefer Outlaw rogue with 2 talents - Grappling Hook and Dirty Tricks. The rest doesn't really matter (I'm not a pro when it comes to rogues so perhaps there is a room for improvement, feel free to write in the comments below).
For other usefull spells you would need Vanish (and perhaps Shadowmeld) and Sprint on your hotkeys.
7. When the scenario is over, go to rogue quarters and start the pickpocketing quests. For that you need 1000 gold, buy the lamp, buy the cloth, finish the quests and start the quest chain from the djiin. After he gives you the mission to get 1000 coins of air our work starts.
8. Go to Azsuna to the building with Court of Farondis quartermaster, and set your hearthstone there, then proceed to pickpocket murlocs near it (approximate location on the picture - small circle - quartermaster, big circle - murloc spawn).

9. In the first week you want to farm 11000 coins of air and head back to dalaran to turn the quest for gold and to Djinn and accept the quest to loot better items, in the next weeks you can farm as many coins as you want, I suggest farming around 30000 just so you don't have to go there every week since the drop chance for the items needed in the second Djinn quest is sometimes quite small.
You can get 10000 coins of air in 2-10 minutes depending on luck (10 minutes would probably be very very unlucky but still, its a probability). When you run out of murlocs to farm just use server hop addon to switch servers.

Now for profits.
In the first week you will receive 8* 4000 gold which equals 32000 gold.
In the second you will get 4* 4000 gold and 8*5000 gold which equals to 56000 gold
3rd week and on you will receive 60000 gold coins.

If you are suuper desperate to use this farm to get as much gold as possible, you can delete the 12th character and create 8 weekly trial characters (you will get 4k gold from the quest, delete the character, proceed to create another one, thats pretty simple so I will not explain it in more detail).
I suggest doing it the regular 12 character way as its easier and faster.
Hope it helps somebody, enjoy

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