Tuesday, August 1

Tome of Polymorph : Porcupine 30k farm

This farm focuses on farming mobs for a 0.2% chance to drop the tome of polymorph worth 30k feels more like 0.5% though. This can only be looted on a mage.

If you don't have a mage just create a level 100 class trial and fly over to the farming area. .
you will have 8 hours before the class trial locks itself. so make sure you send over anything valuable.

The mob we will be farming is:
Smoky Porcupine - NPC - World of Warcraft

Take a look at its spawn locations and find the best route for you this is the route i take in my video.

Don't forget to bring Bear Tartare - Item - World of Warcraft. this will help with movement speed after every kill.

after you arrive just eat the bear tartare and kill every last smoky porcupine in sight.

Good luck

My average is around 1-3 tomes an hour. but my last run i got 5.
they wont sell extremely fast but they will.

if there is anything you don't understand here is a detailed video on the farm.

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