Saturday, August 12

[Rogue] 17k+ Coins of Air every 3 minutes

This requires you to not have completed either the Assassination or Outlaw artifact weapon quest lines. I'll show the outlaw rogue one in the video below, but the assassination one is very similar. Just pick pocket all the guards in Stormwind during the scenario.
  1. Start the Outlaw weapon artifact quest
  2. Take the boat from Booty Bay to Aszuna by talking to Fleet Admiral Tethys to start the Scenario
  3. Run through and pickpocket every mob you see (You can switch to Assassination for the faster stealth movement)
  4. Once at the end, leave the scenario
  5. Restart the scenario at Fleet Admiral Tethys
While you can use any lamp, I used the last one you receive. AutoLootPlus would probably make this slightly quicker too.

You could potentially make a decent amount of money from this too. Pets that are bought with the coins sell for about 6k on populated servers.


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