The PlayStation 4 is a powerful console competing with high end gaming PC’s and bringing joy to living rooms across the globe. Praised for their ability to bring players the best quality at the lowest possible cost, Sony really did bring it’s A game with the PlayStation 4.

Whether you own the standard version of the console, the slimmed down version or the PlayStation 4 Pro, All PS4 Games are compatible on any PS4 system you own and with the vast array of titles available it’s difficult to work your way through the best PlayStation 4 Games on the market. There may not be as many PS4 games as the real money online slots that are available so readily on the web, but there definitely is something for everyone to enjoy.

The following PS4 games are the best titles for players in quest of a magical gaming experience that extends beyond your controller. These titles have opened up new worlds and have left players puzzling at their very nature.

These are the best PlayStation 4 games so far. We hope to see new games from top notch developers in the future, but until then these titles are a must play for any PS4 owner.

Re-gather Yourself With The Witness

If you love puzzles and solving problems then you must dive into The Witness. Stranded on an island popping with colour, you have no recollection of whom you are or how you got to be where you are. There’s just one option; solve the puzzles in hope of regaining your memory.

The Witness is a single player game that will allow you to explore various locations and solve up to 500 unique puzzles, which will test your patience and wit at every turn. It’s a must play title that will have you glued to the screen for hours on end.

Live As The Last Guardian
Explore and solve puzzles with The Last Guardian. Players take control of a boy who befriends a half-bird, half-dog like creature Trico. At first Trico is a beast that is untameable but as the game progresses and as his character develops, Trico becomes more of a pet and is the boys undeniable protector.

The vast worlds are breathtaking and the game feels like a loosely illustrated movie rather than s structured piece of gaming perfection. The controls are fickle but if you love solving puzzles and exploring worlds with an unflinching protector that develops into a blossoming relationship and reflects love at every corner, then the Last Guardian is a must play.

Join The Hunt With The Witcher 3
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game where your choices are matched with honest consequences. Set in an open fantasy world that is filled with tasks and missions’, players literally have access to a unique world of opportunity that never runs dry. The game has a perfect blend of continuity coupled with various outcomes that one can explore over and over again.

You assume the character of a professional monster Hunter Geralt Of Rivia, trained from early childhood and possessing superhuman abilities. Your main objective is to find a child of prophecy in a rich and immersive open world m packed with merchant cities, Viking pirate islands, grueling mountain passes and hidden caverns.

Play The Last Of Us: Remastered

Originally released on the PlayStation 3, The Last Of Us: Remastered on the PlayStation 4 is easily one of the best PS4 games to date. It’s a brutal world where cutting throats and surviving go hand in hand to see the next sunrise.

Set twenty years after a pandemic reshaped society, as we know it, you assume the character of Joel, who is tasked with smuggling a girl, Ellie out of a dangerous military zone.

It quickly becomes apparent that the task is next to impossible as the other survivors around you are ready to behead you for weapons and whatever else they can salvage. It’s a brilliant display of survival and human nature under extreme conditions. A must play title that has earned its stars amongst the best PlayStation 4 games so far.
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