Tuesday, April 3

Ramstein's Lightning Bolts

I ran stratholme at lvl 98 for mount and got this trinket which drops often "Ramstein's Lightning Bolts" which drops from the last boss "Ramstein the Gorger" before Rivendare. 

I'm not sure why I equipped it but I did and used it on a group of atleast 20 mobs from said dungeon and was surprised to see it do massive damage. If I recall right it pretty much 1 shot everything.

I then went and tried it in broken isles on mobs there it didnt 1 shot the group but still did a lot of damage. I forgot about it till i went on mount run at lvl 110 months later which was yesterday and got trinket again and tried it. It still did a lot of damage although I think more so at lvl 98. 

The trinket did 2-300k damage on each of the group of 110 mobs pulled. total damage from 1 use was in 3-4 mil. range. not super powerful but anyway this trinket seems to scale with your level being strongest at 98 for me.

Ramstein's Lightning Bolts
Item Level 53
Binds when picked up
+11 Critical Strike
Use: Harness the power of lightning to strike down all enemies around you for 4729 Nature damage. (3 Min Cooldown)
Requires Level 48
Sell Price: 96
Dropped by: Ramstein the Gorger
Drop Chance: 14.49%

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