Monday, May 28

Fast Levelling with Dungeons

Eversince 7.3.5 introduced changes to the new levelling I've been struggling to keep myself sane while questing in zones, however I stumbled upon a video of a guy powerlevelling through dungeons.

So it works like this:
2 Account, account A has an alt and account B has a 110 Characater.
Invite them both in a group, put the character A to follow character B.
Character B clears everything, char A gets fuckton of XP.
Get out of the instance, reset all instances, rinse repeat.

So the idea is that your alt is getting FULL XP while your powerleveller is 110 and just oneshotting everything.
Only thing that's gonna delay you is the instance lockout (you've entered too many instances lately, I used this period to complete the Ring of Blood in Outland/Wraith/Cata)

  • 40-60 Bracket = Zul'Farak (Haven't personally tested)
  • 60-80 Bracket = Blood Furnace or Hellfire Ramparts (roughly one level per two runs)
  • 80-90 Bracket = Stonecore/GrimBatol/Temple of the Jade Serpent (rougly one and a half level per two runs).

Notes: Grim Batol
Don't use the dragons to kill the mobs, just have your powerleveler do AoE.
After last boss dies, jump into the lava to spawn at the entrance.
Temple of the Jade Serpent:

On the first boss ( the water guy) DO NOT kill the big elementals he spawns right away, wait for them to move first, if you kill them as soon as they spawn, the boss bugs out and you can only hearthstone out.

Final note, I do consider this an exploit since I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to level this fast, even tho it's only really standard powerlevelling.
Cheers and Goodluck levelling (hopefully it doens't get fixed tomorrow).
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