Thursday, May 24

Fishing Pole AP Farm Sha'leth

Most people probably already know this, just found out, hope this will help someone.

Sha'leth is up in Suramar for the Fisherfriend of the Isles achievement.

When you drop the Sleeping murloc, the same fishes can be picked up by multiple people, even a whole raid.

Most ideal is to find a raid group who does this, stand all together on one spot (high pillar at the edge opposite to Sha'leth works perfectly) and drop the murlocs there.

Rotation could be something like:
  • Kill the Rare spawn for Golden Minnow.
  • As much people as possible but a Sleeping Murloc from Sha'leth
  • Go to the specific spot and drop the Sleeping Murloc.
  • Click away the Seerpine Puffer right away or just let them add up in your mailbox.
  • Repeat.

Good luck and have fun farming!
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