Tuesday, May 15

Shadoweave Mask

Today when i logged in to world of warcraft i suddenly saw trade chat asking for Shadoweave Mask - Item - World of Warcraft

according to wowhead the pattern for this Pattern: Shadoweave Mask - Item - World of Warcraft says "This item's source is no longer available/removed" but according to one comment it should drop from Dark Iron Steamsmith - NPC - World of Warcraft but i havent seen it personally and it dosent show up on wowhead.

but this specific item should be used for a mount that was added in patch 7.3 which is Lucid Nightmare - Item - World of Warcraft

i have crafted this item and sold quite a few of them and atm on my server they sell for minimum 50k each so hopefully others can get some gold from it aswell.

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