Wednesday, May 9

Have more artifact knowledge

Works in a slightly different manner. You can have 2 artifact knowledges finished, ready to pick up. 

DON'T pick em up, finish the quest added in 7.1.5 up to artifact knowledge 10. This is the cap that the catch up mechanic currently works for on the PTR, could be changed, don't know that until live. 

However, you deliver artifact resources up till the cap (10), while having 2 completed work orders ready to be picked up, after you are 10, you are able to pick em up and get to 12 instantly instead of being at 10, essentially saving you about a week or so.

In 7.1.5, there will be a catch up mechanic to get up to artifact knowledge 10 or so.

What you can do now on new alts (any that is below artifact knowledge 10) is to keep doing your [Artifact Research Notes]

But DO NOT consume them. Save them for 7.1.5, do the catch up Q/event/whatever, which gives you artifact knowledge 10, then consume your research notes which should give you the extra amount levels depending on how many you saved up.
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