Monday, December 17

Winter's Grasp Farm

You can still use the trial chars option to farm the Winter's Grasp and Flames of Ragnaros illusions.
How to do it:
  1. Create a lvl 110 trial char of your choice, class and faktion don't matter.
  2. Teleport out of the scenario using the hearthstone
  3. Yake the underground tram from Stormwind to Ironforge 
  4. Pick up the quests
  5. Fly to the Quests location, kill the boss, loot the gifts and free the deer
  6. Fly back, hand in the quests and get your daylie reward + the one you only get once per character.
  7.  Delete char and repeat.

Each try takes me about 7 Minutes.

I don't know if there is a cap of how many trial chars you can create but still works for me.

Good luck with the farm . =)
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