Thursday, March 7

Explore tiragarde sound as an iron star

I just logged in to see only 11 minutes left on the assault on tiragarde sound. When I arrived (as horde from zandalar) I had 8 minutes left. By the time I was at the fourth world quest right inside an iron star, just destroyed 6 barrikades and saw the gate infront of me the assault ended. 

I just kept going as the iron star! I dont know the name of the last assault world quest. It started by picking up some detector device , revealing 6 alliance saboteurs and then jumping into an iron star to clear the way down to the boralus gate. Probably killing a big mob after that.

Within the first seconds after this bug occured I drove right past the last quest point and straight towards the harbor through 2 more gates. When I entered boralus the game told me to head back to tiragarde sound. I assume if I stay too long outside tiragarde sound or enter boralus I get dismounted. 

Most of the zone is instanced right now. Only a few alliance mobs in the area where the world quest takes place at greystone keep just between boralus and bridgeport. They still die with two hits.

As Im writing this Im still sitting in the iron star in plunder harbor driving against a wall. I can explore the whole region, I have half a million HP, Im immune to fall damage, I can use the speed boost which adds 25% movement speed and stacks 3 times but it swims very slow.

If more world quests have such powerful tools that can be kept when the world quest timer is up, maybe this can be very useful.

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