Blizzard Entertainment and Dark Horse Books are proud to present the third installment of their bestselling World of Warcraft Chronicle series!

Like its predecessors, Volume III features beautiful full-color artwork by Peter Lee, Emily Chen, Stanton Feng, and other fan-favorite artists, as well as intricately detailed maps and spot art by Joseph Lacroix. Bolster your knowledge of Warcraft lore with this striking third volume!

Here is my short review of volume 3, available on Amazon

Volume 1 & 2 were awesome, collecting the ancient lore of Azeroth and Dreanor leading up to the events of Warcraft I and Warcraft II.

Volume 3 gave some high hopes as it would definitely focus on Warcraft III. As usual the art was amazing and it gave a great overview of the events...an "overview". It also gave some information on the events of World of Warcraft up to the Expansion cataclysm.

Sadly this book felt way to crammed and rush, as some of the details of Warcraft III seemed left out. 

It felt like much of Northrend campaign was skimmed from the perspective of Warcraft II and World of Warcraft. It would have been a great opportunity to go into the Vyrkul, Frost Dwarves, Earthen, etc. They gave hints of stuff here an there, but it was large just in passing. Plus many of the maps were just page filler, repeated a couple of times...I was hoping for a nice map of Northrend. Also it seems the decision to hurry up, was that the book points out that many other sources tell the tale....and I think they missed the point. Chronicles is a hopefully definitive source for Warcraft history.

I have no idea wait may lie in store for Chronicles 4, but definitely more newer maps and perhaps vaporware lore that was cut from the game?

Heck if it can't be in game....why not here. Hopefully some of the events in Hearthstone will be mentioned, I really wish New Gadgetzan was ingame/lore. It is still a good read, but not as great as the first two.

Here is my short review of volume 3, available on Amazon
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