Thursday, April 11

Get next season PvP upgraded items (maybe PvE aswel?)

So, I had a hunter who I pushed to 2300 or so on BfA s1, and just quit playing it since i disliked to play melee, and MM is a clown fiesta.

It was since... Januari that didn't logged it, but I had rewards on the PvP chest, rewards that I never claimed.

My suprise was that today I logged it and went to the PvP chest location, looted it, and after 8s, bang, a duelist bfa s1 item, which had to be what, 380?


"Gladiador aterrador" means "Dread Gladiator".

So, consider slacking and not claiming rewards with your alts, imagine a elite++ maledict on the next season xdd.


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