Tuesday, April 2

Store unlimmited Rabbit's Charm on alt's

Here is the trick:

Go into Island expedition ( level no matter u just need vendor )

Pop a mailbox or Katy's Stampwhistle

  • Buy 5 x Rabbit's Charm
  • Mail 5 x Rabbit's Charm to an alt
  • Buy 5 x Rabbit's Charm again
  • Mail 5 x Rabbit's Charm to an alt again

REPEAT for as long u want and or have tokens ..

Now you can make level 1's across all servers and factions as you like . 

Store 5x on each and voila,  you can now use Rabbit's Charm anytime you want!

If u get a group of friends to do this - you 3 can farm Island expedetions on new dinged chars on mythic level and get neck level fast


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