Nowadays Dota 2 is the most popular online team game. Apart from the attractive interface, spectacular game process and also other moments, this game is popular due to a big number of tournaments with different sum of prize money.

The main tournament in the Dota 2 world, summing up the season is held at the end of summer – The International 2019.

This is a championship between the best Dota 2 teams, it has the biggest prize pool which was more than 25 000 000 dollars last year, in 2019 at the moment it has already collected approximately 15 million and half. The majority of teams with the highest rating treat summer tournaments with minimal level of intensity as by this time they have already gained their trips to The International 2019 or participate in the tournament for warming up before the decisive battle or just for earning money.

So, summer tournaments are a chance to try out new tactics and check the opponents. Apart from the final tournament The International 2019, in this summer season four more competitions will take place with the prize pool of 300 000 $ and more.

02.06 ESL One Birmingham 2019

The tournament, which is not included in Dota Pro Circuit, however gathering twelve strongest teams with maybe Virtus PRO as an exception.

The team refused to participate in the tournament due to busy schedule. Team Secret, the favorite of the season, became the winner. Thanks to the talent of their captain and big variety of tactics moves in comparison with their opponents, the team from Europe outdid their opponents easily if we can say it. At the final the North American team Evil Geniuses were defeated.

The prize pool of the tournament consisted of 300 000$, where 125.000$ were gained by the winner.

10-16.06 Starladder ImbaTV Minor Season 2

ImbaTV and StarLadder is Ukrainian-Chinese collaboration of two companies that have already been held two tournaments this year where the Major in the Chinese city Chongqing is especially noticeable.

The Minor in the summer marking with continuation of the Ukrainian-Chinese collaboration will be taking place in Ukraine on 10-16 June. Apart from the prize pool of 300 000$, there was another prize 500 DPC points.

The winner of the tournament – Ninjas in Pyjamas – got 120 points and provided themselves with a slot at the tournament The International 2019 and at the Major in Moscow. The second team of the tournament – Alliance – apart from the money prize got 100 points and the second slot at the tournament in Moscow.

1.07. Tournament Tug of war Mad Moon

It is held by the Ukrainian company WePlay! Esports. Eight teams will be participating in the event. The trips to the tournament will be gained by the winner of the tournament Radiant (Ninjas in Pyjamas), the first place in the competition Dire in America and Asia and also five teams invited by the organizers of the tournament. Now we know that the team Royal never give up became the winner of Dire in Asia, and in America – the team Infamous. It is difficult to predict the results in Dota 2, but there are some thoughts about the further development of actions. If we take a look at the famous participants, they are approximately equal.

The organizers are likely to increase their interest in the competition inviting a Dota 2 grand, probably two. We’ll risk to suppose that it will be Na`Vi (taking into account that the organizers are Ukrainian) or another European team. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian team haven’t performed well lately, the players still have a lot of fans which is necessary for promotion of the tournament. It is less likely that representatives of China will be invited. The prize pool of the tournament will be 300 000 $.

22-30.07. Epicenter Major – the last Major this year

It is a chance to fight for a slot of the last four participants in International 2019 for those who haven’t provided themselves with a place at the main tournament of the year. Apart from 15 000 DPC points, another precious reward will be a prize pool of 1 000 000 $. Together with two best teams of the tournament SL ImbaTV Minor Season 2, Team Secret, Evil Geniuses, OG, Gambit, Virtus.pro, PSG.LGD, Forward Gaming, PaiN, RNG, Team Liquid, Vici Gaming, TNC, Fnatic, and Infamous will participate in the last Major of the year. The tournament will be held in Moscow with a big number of viewers. There is no doubt that Team Secret will be favorites, however we are sure that there will be a fierce battle between the contestants and it is rather difficult to predict who is to win the tournament.

15 –25.08. The International 2019

For the first time in a long period it will take place not in North America, but in the Chinese megapolis Shanghai.

Now we know eight teams who got to the final tournament directly. The next four will be defined at the last Major.

The last six participants in the final will be defined at the knockout qualifier.

The winners of the previous season, OG, do not show the last year’s stability this year. Only after Main carry returned to the team, some signs of the last year’s winners are present. Team Secret are favorites, but at The International nothing could be predicted which is noticed at the last tournament. Almost nobody expected OG to win, however we know how that competition ended.
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