Wednesday, September 4

1 week later..

So many doomsayers saying the game was gonna die. Boy we all wanted classic for a reason, it's got a very addicting gameplay. Someone rolls a warrior and finds out about Ravager? I'm living in Scarlet Monastery til I get that. And then you might as well get to 60.

Here is a trick. Use the remote access (using google) your comp fron work before driving home.

Setting up on the pc:
  • Open web browser on the computer you want to remote access (the wow one)
  • Go to
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to setup pc. (There are two tabs at the top, remote access and remote support, make sure to have Remote Access selected)
  • The final step will ask to create a unique pin. Make it easy for you to remember. 4.5) Name your pc (MAIN RIG or something)
  • Once the above is done. Minimize all windows and open launcher with wow selected
  • Go to work

Setting up on phone (android):
  • Open the play store. If apple, i think itll probs be in the app store.
  • Download and install " Chrome Remote Desktop ". (There are imitators, make sure to get the google one)
  • Open the app
  • Login to app using the same google account as on pc
  • Select the appropriate desktop
  • Swiping moves the mouse around, tapping the screen is a click.
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