Tuesday, October 8

Win every Pet Battle by becoming immune to all attacks indefinitely!

Blizzcon 2019 gift pet is Gilvanas. It has a new pet ability, Raise Dead, that I don't think Blizz fully thought through and likely will be fixing this soon, so use it while you can!

Basically, you need to have an Undead Pet with the "Lift-Off" ability.

These are all the following undead pets with it:

  • Blighthawk
  • Bone Serpent
  • Bones
  • Drowned Hatchling
  • Son of Sethe

Pick whatever 3rd pet you want. I am a big fan of faster speed pets.

To trigger it, just do the fight mostly normal, except save the Lift-Off ability of your undead pet until you need it. 

You CAN use Gilvanas early in the fight with the "Haunt" ability, especially if against a human opponent. Just don't crash their health until the undead pet does the following trick. 

When you are using your Undead pet with the Lift-Off ability, fight like normal until you die and are revived. Once you are revived and immune for your last attack, Lift-Off. The conventional wisdom is to not do this because you die and lose out on an attack. 

Your opponent will think you are dumb. You see, what happens is you immediately die up in the air. Here, swap in Gilvanas and cast the new ability "Raise Dead". 

Not only will it bring your 2 back row pets back to life at 5% HP, the Undead pet is now completely invulnerable and immune because it revives the pet in the "Lift-Off" phase of being up in the air.

You can still attack, but every attack against you will miss. Every single one! Over and over and over!

Of note, you DO need to be aware of other pets with faster speed and forced swapping, as they can swap you out before you do the lift-off trick.

 If that happens this won't work, so try to time it so you aren't facing one of them on that cast.

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