Sunday, October 13

WoW Classic: Leatherworking flip that makes 100g+/hour

Hey guys, its Farts again, back with another gold making video. So this is just a simple flip I do to make some big golds.

Heres the video:

And you can find the summary of the flip written below:

First of all, you do need to have leatherworking at 280+ skill, you will also need enchanting, but you can do this on a level 5 alt (I know I say level 1 in the video, my bad). What we're going to be doing is crafting Wicked Leather Headband, disenchanting it and selling the mats we get. It's a pretty simple flip, but obviously you want to get your leatherworking mats as low as possible. The Headband requires 12 Rugged Leather and I tend to only buy Rugged leather at 7 silver each through trade chat. Obviously, you can go and farm this yourself for 100% profit (minus the rune thread and dye), it's completely up to you.

Now, the reason why this flip is pretty insane is that there's around a 30% chance of getting 1-2 Greater Eternal Essence. On my server and many others, these are around 4g50s each, which is pretty much 3.7x the crafting cost of the Headband. So there's a lot of room for profit with this flip, especially if you hit a string of 2x Eternal Essences.

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