If you ask a bunch of World of Warcraft fans that question, there’s no telling the answers you’d get. I’ve been around WoW since beta and I’ve seen so many things come and go. Who remembers the days when you had to use Thotbot to look up your questions? Okay, I am dating myself now.

Anyway, what if WoW had gambling? Do you think it’d make a lot more players stick around? In a way, it does, but not in the traditional sense. Let’s explore…

There is no official game mode in WoW that allows gambling. However, that doesn’t stop many players and guilds from setting up their own games. Blizzard doesn’t seem to take issue with this, provided you keep it private and what happens between players stays between players.

Blizz doesn’t really care all that much, but they won’t openly promote or encourage it. Why do you think that is? I don’t think it has to do with a fake moral stance (like Disney tries to present) but really it’s more of an admin/moderator issue. Blizzard does not want to have to deal with a bunch of players crying because they lost or were cheated in some game. Can you imagine the chaos?

Anyway, if you want to enjoy some great online gambling, you may have to move away from WoW. Don’t worry, it isn’t going anywhere.

And there are lots of great websites that offer an online casino for real money gaming. This means you can take your pick and have good fun and you don’t have to worry about living close to a casino or even getting dressed to go out.

Play in your pajamas – like you do WoW – no one is going to know or care. If you want another great site, with a casino online bonus, Look for Casino Pro or similar sites. These are great because they typically offer bonuses to get you started, as well as to keep you in the game.

They know how to pull you in and keep you in – just like Blizzard. And there are a lot of benefits to playing these slots and casino games online. For one, it’s safe and really easy. For two, there are a lot of games to choose from so you don’t have to worry about getting bored.

You also get a lot of flexibility and you can test many of the games for free to see how you really like them before investing your money. So, what are you waiting for? It’s better than watching the Auction House to see if you’re going to get lucky.
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