Monday, October 28

WOW Classic: 3 man stealth DM North farming 50-70g + /hour Low risk, high reward.

So I made a video walkthrough of dire maul 3 manning tribute. You can do this with any comp really, though I'd reccomend either 2 druids and rogue, or 3 druids.

With 3 man, you don't have to respec or anything which saves (me at least 100g) everyone gold since when you three man you make the boss fight easy.

I will come out with a two man guide later on when It's a bit more viable, but right now it's not. The most I've seen from a two man team is 3 resets in an hour, which generally makes it less gph the ngetting a definite 5/hour with a three person group, not to mention the effort put in.

Three manning just makes it so easy, did I mention that you don't even need to bother respeccing?

Any questions hit me up.
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